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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Shempie's Clinic is located at 202 Business Point, DK Sandhu Marg, Chembur, Mumbai 400071. It is advisable to book your appointment in advance to avoid inconvenience. Appointment can be booked at +91 93233 32042
Diabetes can controlled and treated with Ayurveda but we need to diagnose patient body as we know each body type is different.
The duration of each treatment is one hour and if required more treatments/ procedures will be scheduled in other day.
Yes, but you will have to provide us full details of your medical history. When you schedule appointment, kindly bring along with copies of relevant medical reports to enable us to help you.
Ayurvedic treatments are seen effective in the management of skin allergies to a certain extent.
Yes, there are oils suitable for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.
Yes, there are medicines in Ayurveda for regulating Cardiac function. They can be taken along with allopathic medicines without any undesirable effects. If you require a prescription, kindly provide full details of your ailments.
Yes, there are Ayurvedic medicine which can control high cholesterol level provided appropriate diet restrictions and exercise are incorporated in the treatment regimen.
Yes, because, Ayurvedic treatment measures includes relaxation techniques also.
Yes, you can definitely undergo rejuvenation therapy at our Clinic.
A combination of appropriate medicines, special massage like Udwarthanam , medicated enema and adequate restrictions in diet is seen effective in reducing weight. However drastic reduction cannot be expected. The exact modalities of treatment will be decided only after a personal examination.
We do provide treatment for slip disc related problems. In your case more details are required to assess whether surgery can be avoided.
Yes, there are. The etiological factors have to be considered, while designing suitable regimen for high blood pressure.
Yes. Ayurveda offers treatment for psychological problems including depression.
Diabetes is a condition, which can be adequately controlled with Ayurvedic treatment and appropriate restrictions in diet. The probable complications of long standing Diabetes can also be minimized effectively. A permanent cure cannot be assured.
Yes. Contact Dr. Shempie's clinic to order it.
Currently, you order over phone and will arrange to send across. Soon we will e having online ordering and scheule booking online. Keeping checking our website for details.