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The Ayurvedic oil massage is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well being.

Skin Detox

Unhealthy lifestyle chemical exposure, chemical base product application, pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance etc. affect our skin causing pigmentation, dryness, dull & unhealthy look.

Marma Therapy

In Marma therapy, a very light stimulation of points on the body is done. It removes blockages from the marma points giving physical and psychological relaxation and strength.


Mukhalepanam is an Ayurvedic facial and skin care therapy. Mukhalepanam massage avoids wrinkles, prevents aging of skin, and gives a good skin tone.

knee Pain With Janu Vasti

It is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment to relieve the knee pain caused due to arthritis by strengthening the knee muscles and joints.

Lower Back Pain With Kati Basti (Slip Disc)

Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain and disorders of lumbosacral region KATI BASTI. KATI BASTI involves retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back and other parts of the spine for certain period of time.

Uttar Basti (Intra Uterine)

Intra Uterine ayurvedic treatment has the ability to hygiene maintaining, white discharge, menstrual disorders/ infertility, cleaning process with medicated decotion & oil for uterus and vegina.

Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Ayurvedic foot massage (Padabhyanga) has the ability to heal, revitalize and improve circulation in the entire body. It helps to relax the body’s physiology, Calm the mind and reduce stress, Maintain eyesight and hearing.

Scalp and Hair Massage Therapy

Scalp and Hair Massage Therapy using natural gels, oils and plant based extracts that not just nourishes your hair, but ensure new life to otherwise dull and dead looking crown area.


It’s an Ayurvedic healing technique that involves having someone pour liquid — usually oil, milk, buttermilk, or water — onto your forehead. It’s often combined with a body, scalp, or head massage.

Nasya Karma (sinusitis)

In this process, medicines administered through the nasal route. It's a part of Panchakarma therapies, it nourishes and treats the nose, throat, sinuses & head.

Netra Basti - Netra Tarpan

Netratarpan (eye nourshing treatment) is very effective treatment to solve eye problems like redness, dryness, watering, puffiness, itching, vision problem can be cured through Ayurveda.

Kansya Thali foot massage

Ayurvedic Kansya Thali foot massage is a traditional Indian therapy used for holistic healing approach. It's a wonderfully relaxing treatment which helps to balance body, mind and soul.

Neck pain With Manya Basti (Spondylitis)

Manya Basti treatment is helpful in treating any type of Neck pain, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis or other muscular pains concerning the neck and shoulder.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is almost like a deep tissue massage with suction and decompression. Cupping helps keep the body in balance, increases overall blood flow and reduces pain.

Pizhichil (Whole body oil treatment)

Pizhichil is a beautiful unification of two classic Ayurvedic treatments called “Snehana” and “Swedana.” Snehana is an oil massage and Swedana induces fomentation and sweat. Pizhichil is a body massage which lasts for 60-90 minutes and involves relaxing strokes primarily aimed at reducing anxiety and stress.

Beam Light Treatment (Hair Regrowth)

In this laser hair growth treatment, low level of laser light is applied to the scalp. Consistent studies have shown their laser light assist in the growth of new hair follicles. Nevertheless, most of the laser therapies for stimulating hair growth are practiced under a medical setting and expert supervision.